Water Heater Repair Plumbing in San Marcos, Tx

Water heater repair, replacement and installation in San Marcos tx

Is your water heater causing problem and not operating the way it is supposed to?

Lots of residents in San Marcos face the issue of faulty of water heater and we have been helping them all along for years.

Our team is plumbers specializes in both electric and gas water heater problems and full equipped with knowledge to solve any water heater issue. Our experience speaks for itself and we ensure that customers are fully satisfied with our work. Trust plumbers San marcos tx with water heaters issues for both residential and commercial.

Common water problems include:

1. Not heating water.

2. Smelly water.

3. Leaking tank or pipe

4. Unusual noise from tank or pipe.

Well, call of our team of plumbers based in San Marcos and gets rid of any of the above problems you may be facing.

Call us for water heater repair in san marcos in your residence or office for immediate help.

Our technician can repair as well as install any type of heater installed in your premesis. Whether the traditional tank heaters or latest tank less heaters, our plumber can solve the common problems of both or install new ones in businesses or homes.

A traditional tank heater work by simple principal of heating the water inside tank and when you open the faucet, hot water comes out of the tap and when eventually it runs out and heater starts again to re- heat the water and so on. Most common problem in tradition heaters is failed heating equipment or slowed heating due lack of maintenance of the tank.

While in tankless heater, common problems are overheating of water, sediment buildup, mix up of cold with hot water or no heating. This is the common problem faced by residents of san marcos. Whether you need to install, repair and maintain and want to get these from the best plumber in san macros, then you have come to the right place.

Initial check if you are water heater is not working:

  1. Ensure that water heater is rightly connected to the power supply or the switch is not short circuited. If that is the case, then you need to get that rectified first.
  2. Verify that heating temperature has not deviated from your normal setting.
  3. When thermostat is set to vacation mode, then the appliance does not heat the water at all. So make sure, if you made changed thermostat setting before going to vacation it set back to normal
  4. So, don’t worry and call our san macros plumber and get back to your relaxed heating baths.

Check out some the reviews from customer who heater are working perfectly now

  1. I get regular maintenance from their team of customer and my heater has been working well for more than 8 years.
  2. I installed new tank less heater last year but it wasn’t working properly so I called this team and they changed the default setting and now its working perfectly.
  3. My house heater was not working like last year so my neighbor recommends them to me and problem of heater was solved at affordable cost. Thanks guys

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