Garbage Disposal Plumbing Service in San Marcos, Tx

Garbage disposal has become an integral part of our kitchen as they help in removing garbage from the kitchen or put leftover food into the drains. Having a working garbage disposal is essential for your post-dinner cleaning process and when this appliance breaks down, it’s not possible to clean up the kitchen. So, this why plumber San Marcos tx are there to help you whenever you need to repair garbage disposals.

Well, it’s important to know the possible causes of garbage disposal breakdown. It could any of the following:

  1. Clogged blades
  2. Disposal motor has stopped
  3. Unusual noises while operation

We have helped residents of San Marcos in getting their disposal up and running whenever it stops. You need to contact the right specialist for installation, repair or maintenance of your disposal and plumbers are trained for this job and have years of experience.

Call us for any time assistance for repair or installation of garbage disposal

Common Garbage disposal problems and their solutions:

  • Garbage disposal is not working and not making any noise

Solution: Our master plumber recommends that you need to ensure that the disposal is rightly plugged into the power source and switched ON. If that is not the problem, then you test with the different appliances to see if the power source is not out of the current.

  • Disposal makes a Hum sound

Solution: This humming sound that usually comes may be jammed and in that cause don’t continue to run the disposal as it may burn out the motor of the garbage disposal. Usually, the cause of this jammed disposal is stuck bones or fruit seeds inside the blades.

  • Disposal not grinding properly

Solution: Whenever garbage disposal does not grind food properly, then it is due damaged blades. And in that case, replacement of blades or unit is the only solution to get it up and running.

Tips for Garbage disposal care

  1. Don’t put strong materials like coffee beans or bones into the disposal
  2. Keep the tap water running before you insert leftover food into disposal as water ensure flow of food and prevents clogging of blades and pipes.
  3. Use cold water over hot water.
  4. Don’t overfill the disposal with left over foods.

Garbage Disposal Repair cost:

Usually  the cost to repair a garbage disposal depends on the extent of problem, damage to blades or appliance, model of garbage disposal, etc.

A garbage disposal repair would cost anywhere between $50 to $300.

Finding the right plumber is important to diagnose the problem correctly and do the right installation and repair. At plumber company in San Marcos texas, we ensure that you get service from the most trained and experienced plumber.

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